---------------------------------------------------------- Class: Module
      A  Module  is a collection of methods and constants. The methods in
      a module may be instance methods or module methods. Instance
      methods appear as methods in a class when the module is included,
      module methods do not. Conversely, module methods may be called
      without creating an encapsulating object, while instance methods
      may not. (See  Module#module_function )
      In the descriptions that follow, the parameter _syml_ refers to a
      symbol, which is either a quoted string or a  Symbol  (such as
       :name ).
         module Mod
           include Math
           CONST = 1
           def meth
             #  ...
         Mod.class              #=> Module
         Mod.constants          #=> ["E", "PI", "CONST"]
         Mod.instance_methods   #=> ["meth"]
 Class methods:
      constants, nesting, new
 Instance methods:
      <, <=, <=>, ==, ===, >, >=, alias_method, ancestors,
      append_features, attr, attr_accessor, attr_reader, attr_writer,
      autoload, autoload?, class_eval, class_variable_get,
      class_variable_set, class_variables, const_defined?, const_get,
      const_missing, const_set, constants, define_method, extend_object,
      extended, freeze, include, include?, included, included_modules,
      instance_method, instance_methods, method_added, method_defined?,
      method_removed, method_undefined, module_eval, module_function,
      name, private, private_class_method, private_instance_methods,
      private_method_defined?, protected, protected_instance_methods,
      protected_method_defined?, public, public_class_method,
      public_instance_methods, public_method_defined?,
      remove_class_variable, remove_const, remove_method, to_s,


 ==== Module ====
 モジュールクラス---- Singleton methods ----
 constants nesting new
 ---- Instance methods ----
 < <= <=> === > >= alias_method ancestors append_features
 attr attr_accessor attr_reader attr_writer autoload
 autoload? class_eval class_variables const_defined?
 const_get const_missing const_set constants define_method
 extend_object include include? included included_modules
 instance_method instance_methods method_added
 method_defined? method_removed method_undefined module_eval
 module_function name private private_class_method
 private_instance_methods private_method_defined? protected
 protected_instance_methods protected_method_defined? public
 public_class_method public_instance_methods
 public_method_defined? remove_class_variable remove_const
 remove_method undef_method
 ---- Singleton methods (inherited) ----
 ---- Instance methods (inherited) ----
 == =~ __id__ __send__ _dump _load class clone display dup
 eql? equal? extend freeze frozen? hash id initialize
 initialize_copy inspect instance_eval instance_of?
 instance_variable_get instance_variable_set
 instance_variables is_a? kind_of? marshal_dump marshal_load
 method method_missing methods nil? object_id pretty_print
 pretty_print_cycle pretty_print_instance_variables
 private_methods protected_methods public_methods
 remove_instance_variable respond_to? send
 singleton_method_added singleton_method_removed
 singleton_method_undefined singleton_methods taint tainted?
 to_a to_ary to_hash to_int to_s to_str type untaint

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