---------------------------------------------------------- Class: Object
       Object  is the parent class of all classes in Ruby. Its methods
      are therefore available to all objects unless explicitly
       Object  mixes in the  Kernel  module, making the built-in kernel
      functions globally accessible. Although the instance methods of
       Object  are defined by the  Kernel  module, we have chosen to
      document them here for clarity.
      In the descriptions of Object's methods, the parameter _symbol_
      refers to a symbol, which is either a quoted string or a  Symbol 
      (such as  :name ).
      Kernel(Array, Float, Integer, String, URI, `, abort, at_exit,
      autoload, autoload?, binding, block_given?, callcc, caller, catch,
      chomp, chomp!, chop, chop!, eval, exec, exit, exit!, fail, fork,
      format, getc, gets, global_variables, gsub, gsub!, iterator?,
      lambda, load, local_variables, loop, method_missing, open, p,
      print, printf, proc, putc, puts, raise, rand, readline, readlines,
      require, scan, select, set_trace_func, sleep, split, sprintf,
      srand, sub, sub!, syscall, system, test, throw, trace_var, trap,
      untrace_var, warn, y)
      MatchingData:      rb_cMatch
      STDIN:             rb_stdin
      STDOUT:            rb_stdout
      STDERR:            rb_stderr
      ARGF:              argf
      TOPLEVEL_BINDING:  rb_f_binding(ruby_top_self)
      RUBY_VERSION:      v
      RUBY_PLATFORM:     p
      VERSION:           v
      RELEASE_DATE:      d
      PLATFORM:          p
      DATA:              f
      ARGV:              rb_argv
      ENV:               envtbl
      ENV:               envtbl
      NIL:               Qnil
      TRUE:              Qtrue
      FALSE:             Qfalse
 Class methods:
 Instance methods:
      ==, ===, =~, __id__, __send__, class, clone, display, dup,
      enum_for, eql?, equal?, extend, freeze, frozen?, hash, id, inspect,
      instance_eval, instance_of?, instance_variable_get,
      instance_variable_set, instance_variables, is_a?, kind_of?, method,
      methods, nil?, object_id, private_methods, protected_methods,
      public_methods, remove_instance_variable, respond_to?, send,
      singleton_method_added, singleton_method_removed,
      singleton_method_undefined, singleton_methods, taint, tainted?,
      to_a, to_enum, to_s, type, untaint


 ==== Object ====
 ---- Singleton methods ----
 ---- Instance methods ----
 == === =~ __id__ __send__ _dump _load class clone display
 dup eql? equal? extend freeze frozen? hash id initialize
 initialize_copy inspect instance_eval instance_of?
 instance_variable_get instance_variable_set
 instance_variables is_a? kind_of? marshal_dump marshal_load
 method method_missing methods nil? object_id pretty_print
 pretty_print_cycle pretty_print_instance_variables
 private_methods protected_methods public_methods
 remove_instance_variable respond_to? send
 singleton_method_added singleton_method_removed
 singleton_method_undefined singleton_methods taint tainted?
 to_a to_ary to_hash to_int to_s to_str type untaint
 ---- Singleton methods (inherited) ----
 ---- Instance methods (inherited) ----

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